Alpine SWS-1023D
subwoofer size: 25 cm (10 inch), frequency range of 30-700 Hz, 900 Watts of power, the number of bars: 1, 84 DB, 2 Ohm, impendans
Main characteristics
Type subwoofer
Type 25 cm (10 in.)
Number of lanes 1
Maximum power 900 W
Rated power 300 W
Sensitivity 84 dB
Minimum frequency 30 Hz
Built-in amplifier True
Maximum frequency 700 Hz
The sensitivity of the measurement parameters W/m
Impedance 2 Om
Crossover True
Number of woofer speakers 1
Trash LF-Dynamics extruded
Dimensions LF-Dynamics 250 mm
Material suspension woofer speaker santopren
Woofer cone material glass fiber reinforced kevlarovymi fiber
Mounting depth for LF-Dynamics 110 mm
Installation hole LF-Dynamics 244 mm
Weight magnet woofer speaker 1500 g
Material recycle LF-Dynamics steel
Resonance frequency LF-Dynamics (Fs) 33 Hz
Double winding from LF-Dynamics False
Ferro┼żidkostnoe cooling True
Terminals Spring
Subwoofer enclosure True
Gold-plated contacts True
Full quality of LF-Dynamics (Qts) 0.62
An equivalent amount of LF-Dynamics (Vas) 30 l
Water-resistant design True
Recommended chassis/private mailbox False
Recommended chassis-ported desktop False
Recommended chassis-with passive radiator True
Recommended chassis-the Strip (Band-pass) True
The recommended housing-Free-Air True
Dimensions and weight

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